Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blog swap tack hop!

Okay that title isn't entirely accurate but hey,  it rhymes! Either way I'm participating in the $900 Facebook pony's Tack swap and sale! 

Unfortunately, upon review, I found I had little extra horse tack to be parting with (which is surprising considering how much I frequent tack shops).  Nonetheless, there is definitely something to get rid of.

Nurtural Crossunder Bitless Bridle in blue.  Nylon webbing material, size horse. $65 obo or I'd be open to a swap. Jazz normally fits either horse or cob size and the buckles were somewhere in the middle of the holes for her.  I bought it wanting to have a bitless bridle to play with and have as an option, but Jazz didn't really take to it and I didn't want to put the work in with it because she does go pretty nicely in the bit. She had it on maybe three times and I thoroughly cleaned it. I also have a pair of barrel reins I forgot to photograph in a lighter blue and black that I would be willing to throw in if someone wants both bridle and reins.  The reins are normal length though, not super short barrel reins or anything.

Why yes, I am a photographer in my spare time.  Just look at that sale photo.  Immaculate.
 And that's it.  Yes, really.  Well, no, really, but for horse stuff that's it.  However in cleaning out my closet recently I found a couple of purses I keep meaning to sell on kijiji but keep forgetting about, so I'm going to put them up here if anyone's interested.

Pink Coach purse. A bit bigger than the size of a dvd case.  Asking $35 obo. 

No, this is not a super weird bit I'm trying to sell, I just wanted to prove it's coach. 

Notice how I don't have a detail shot of the logo like for the Coach? Juicy likes to have their branding right up front. 
Last but not least a Juicy couture purse. Medium sized, you could fit a textbook in there in terms of dimensions.  Asking $80 obo.  

That said, this is a tack (or in my case not so much tack) swap, so I would possibly interested in trades for the following items
-All purpose full size saddle pads (especially if you have Lettia coolmax)
-A decent english bridle with a cavesson noseband.  I love raised and/or padded browbands, but not a necessity as I am a) just starting english riding and b)unlikely to be showing seriously at all. Maybe a fun schooling show or something in the next few months or year but nothing requiring anything fancy.  I'm honestly not sure if Jazz would need cob or horse sized, so I would probably want measurements
-Myler level 1 comfort eggbutt snaffle with plain sides.  As much as I love my fancy sided one, I don't know it would fly for english showing if I were to head down that road
-horse books and dvds (the instructional kind) on topics I might be interested in pursuing 

Granted, I am not dead set.  If you're interested in offering something else for trade, I might be interested.  I can be emailed at, and I will be checking comments too! Happy shopping! 


  1. I've got some English bridles! Email me and I'll send you pics! Tracyjbeavers(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. The purses are tempting but I never use one.