Friday, August 29, 2014

Adventures in London part 2- Monday

After our busy day at the Tower and a few other non-horsey sights on Sunday, Monday was tame in comparison.  Or maybe the jet lag was just starting to wear off...
All the horses I saw were at Harrods.  For anyone not aware, Harrods is this huge department store.  I think it's five floors and there are departments for everything.  Seriously, there's a department devoted to pens and stationary and it is expensive.  But then, so is everything else there.   

Tell me you don't want one of these sweet horses! Available for the price of most jumpers you'd find on the circuit!

Aww! Maybe these cute plushie horses will be more my speed (and price range)

HA! HAaahahaha no. 
Quick lesson in price conversion: One pound is currently valued at approximately $1.80 in Canadian dollars.  So, this cute little haffie costs about $215.  Yikes!

This was a life size plush pony.  I wasn't brave enough to look at the price tag, but the slightly smaller deer was listed at about 4000 pounds, so feel free to extrapolate as you like.  

Also look at the little bay's scary teeth! 

Tuesday had more horses, so keep holding on for some real horses coming up! 


  1. I want a life-size stuffed Apollo! Sounds like it would be pretty pricey though haha

    1. I happen to know of a place where you could get a custom stuffed Apollo the size of the little Haffie for only slightly less than the Haffie would cost...