Monday, July 21, 2014


Here's a quick recap of my exciting weekend!

I did a short ride Saturday.  More English, working on my position and keeping my legs glued where they're supposed to be.  More no stirrups, which I still love.  I did my no stirrups posting trot almost right off the bat, and the rest of my ride felt awesome.  A friend and fellow boarder had set up a couple of things in the arena that she said I was welcome to play with, so I had some fun with those as well.

The Labyrinth
This friend has some background with the Tellington-Jones method (TTouch), and so had set up the labyrinth with ground poles.  I did some walking and trotting over the middle of the poles and also did some work bending around through the middle in an S-pattern.  I'm not sure how much I've talked about my lesson work pre-groundwork re-start, but our main problem was that Jazz was straight as a board.  We spent months slowly working on getting her to bend and respond to legs that meant things besides forwards.  So, imagine my delight when I took her through this tight serpentine and she bent, like, all the way around it.  I mean, I really didn't set her up the best for the second turn, so it wasn't perfect, but she was so bendy I could have died of happiness.  There was also a teeny tiny cavaletti cross rail that was maybe nine inches off the ground in the middle that we walked over a couple times.  

like the one in the corner only seven times tinier
I'm very convinced Jazz has aspirations to become a jumper, because if I wasn't vigilant about steering and staying on the rail, she was drifting right to those ground poles and that cavaletti.  I'm hoping that's something we could do somewhere down the road.  

Now, as fun as that all was, here comes the real excitement.

Oops, it followed us home! 

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