Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blog Hop: Stalker

This week's blog hop from Viva Carlos was just perfect, because it's a topic I've been meaning to touch on for a while now.  

What Equestrian Blogger out there do you really want to meet? (If you have more then 1 I will allow you to list up to 5!)

As a relative newbie to the whole equestrian scene, I really don't quite know what interests me in terms of what I want to do.  Because of this, I follow blogs that cover a pretty broad spectrum of disciplines, interests, and events.  So, without further ado, here's my top five.   

5.) Lauren at She moved to Texas

Lauren's was one of those blogs that I heard about everywhere.  As a newcomer to blogging, I would always look at most of the links on the blogrolls of blogs I liked, and She moved to Texas was on very nearly every one.  She chronicles her journey in the hunter jumper world with her horse Simon, as well as many other interesting and current topics relevant to the equestrian world as a whole.  Lauren writes a lot of awesome, funny posts about all the ups and downs of the horse world, and I'm never bored with reading what she has to say.

4.)Karen at Bakersfield Dressage 

Karen writes about training and working with her two horses, Sydney and Speedy G.  Her main focus is on dressage, and she writes some excellent educational pieces as well as plenty of progress reports and dissecting the contents of her riding lessons.  I love to read Karen's blog because it feels like I know both her horses even though she lives in California.  I think Karen says it well in her blog's about me, "I write honestly about my journey: sometimes we do well, sometimes we struggle, but we always have fun. "

3.)Paola at The Aspiring Equestrian (formerly Paola's Horse Blog)

Paola writes about a large variety of topics.  I like reading about her thoughts as a young equestrian, and it's really awesome to read about her lessons and how she's progressing and gaining confidence and skills. Since I've been reading, she started leasing a horse named Chester who is just plain adorable.  Paola also has a lot of interest in thoroughbreds, and I've learned a lot about racehorses in general from her blog.  In her about me, she says she wants to retrain OTTB's when she's older, and I wish her all the best in all her equestrian dreams!

2.) Saiph at Wait for the Jump

Saiph was, if I'm remembering correctly, my very first blog follower.  She has two horses, Lily, and the more recent addition, Gracie.  Saiph does a lot of trail riding and conditioning, and some endurance.  I love to read Saiph's posts and her writing about her horses always has a funny, upbeat tone to it that makes me smile.  If I ever were to meet her, I'd have a few questions on where she gets the discipline to sit down and write the excellent, detailed, long posts I love to read on her blog.  

1.) Andrea at The Reeling: An Unexpected Mareventure

Andrea's was probably the first blog I read all the way through when I first discovered it.  I love her style, and I am always amazed when she talks about the problems she has with her horses that she always seems to magically find the perfect answer, solution, or approach to.  I hope to someday have half the horse-related knowledge Andrea just sprinkles casually into her posts.  I really like the approach she takes, and she has a lot of great information, especially about equine nutrition and going barefoot.  Andrea is honestly the only one of my top five I've ever really interacted with besides blog comments, and that was just one email I sent to ask her advice on some troubles I was having, but she gave an incredibly helpful, considerate, and comprehensive response.  I cannot say enough great things about Andrea's blog.  

Honorable mention: Jen/Braymere at Braymere Custom Saddlery

Alright, I admit it.  I harbor a lot of interest/curiosity into model horse showing, and I cannot recommend Braymere Custom Saddlery enough.  Daily posts filled with beautiful pictures, and a great introduction to watch the world of model horse showing from a distance.

Unfortunately, I live VERY far from all of these people, and I seem to be very short on more local bloggers, so I'd love some suggestions on good horse blogs based in Canada.



  1. Aww thanks! :D If you're ever visiting in the Washington DC area, just let me know!

    I was excited when I saw what your blog was about. My first horse, Lucero, was also given to me when I was a very green rider. I was 13 with only two summer riding camps under my belt and he was a just-weaned 7 month old colt. It was HARD learning to do everything on my own, and this was before natural horsemanship became a "thing"; I didn't have access to the kind of trainer that you have (which will make progress so much easier and quicker for you!). I read as much as I could on everything horse, but we didn't have internet like we do now...we had dial-up. Pain in the butt trying to look up information online! I kind of stumbled onto natural horsemanship on my own and many years later, when moving to the US, discovered that what I'd been doing when training Lucero was actually a training method and it had a name. It was so cool.

    As to the writing...haha...I'm glad you enjoy it! I wish I'd had a blog back in the day with my first horse. I had journals but I didn't religiously write as much about his training as I have with Lily and now Gracie. I wish I had. But I wrote about other things, things that I wanted to never forget in great detail, as details always become blurred with time. And that's how I ended up with my current writing style. Which can be so time-consuming and I often wish I could write in *less* detail, but I can never bring myself to summarize. Being able to look back on the blog to see progress, note gradual behavioral changes, or check what worked/didn't work has been such a valuable tool also.

    It's been awesome to read about your journey with your little girl. It's hard with these baby horses, especially when we're new to so much also! But you're doing a great job with Jazz, and I love that you're exploring so much about riding and training - different trainers, different styles and approaches, and determining what works best for you and her. I look forward to reading more about your journey as you both learn together!

    1. Thanks Saiph! I will definitely have to take you up on your offer if I'm ever around!

  2. Thanks for the nice comments about my blog! :)