Sunday, June 22, 2014

Identity crisis

I was going crazy waiting to post this, but I wanted to be sure rather than tell everyone only for it not to work out in the end.  I have an English saddle! My new trainer mentioned she had an old all-purpose just taking up space in her garage that she was looking to sell, and she brought it to our first lesson together, but she didn't bring the stirrups or the girth.  By the time I had all of that organized, I was taking a short riding hiatus because of Jazz's teeth.  I had put it on once or twice, but she was fighting the bit so much I never got on.  That is, I never got on until yesterday.  

I arrived to the farm in my riding breeches with my knee high english boot socks, and my cowboy boots and a western shirt.  Then I tacked Jazz up with her english saddle and western bridle.  We were quite the sight.  

I had a fairly short ride and Jazz was doing only okay.  She was pretty fussy on the bit (I should mention her ulcer seems almost completely healed over now), which I kind of expected partially because I was sure she'd have pain memories and partially because the insides of her cheeks and stuff are probably still a little cut up so I'm expecting that to be completely better in a week or so.  There was a little head tossing and general aura of 'screw you I don't wanna', but nothing too ridiculous.  Just a nice short walk ride to get a quick feel for the saddle.  

One of the boarders commented on my new Westjet Blue pad

I need to work on keeping my legs under myself better apparently
this is a super blurry picture, but you can kind of see our mismatched saddle/bridle combo

So, I told my trainer I was interested in the saddle and asked how much she wanted (she had told me the price for the saddle, but then threw in stirrup leathers and the girth for my trial so I'm not sure what she wants for those).  I headed back out today and did another walk ride with a little trotting, with a much improved attitude on Jazz's part.  I am so excited for some adventures with my new little English pony!

Jazz was a superstar today.

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