Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why I Don't Ride

I am looking, as is becoming a familiar feeling to me, at a ridiculously busy next few months.  It feels like the last year and a half has been either me dreading the start of a busy time, or impatiently awaiting whatever time I think I'll next be able to finally catch my breath. It feels right now like this might be my life from now on.  Just running from one thing to another. One period of insanity to another too-short interim break.  I really understand why this is one of the most common times in their lives when people sell their horses.

I should pause a moment to say this, I AM NOT SELLING MY HORSE. I got her when she was 3 and I'm planning (and hoping) to have her the rest of her life. 

Speaking of, look at adorable baby Jazz from her sale photo!

So classes begin next week.  And I am looking at excruciatingly long days for months. I'll be lucky if I see the sun, much less the little red horse.  At this point, it also looks like I might not be taking any lessons until the New Year.  Hello, life of a weekend warrior (goodbye, sleek, fit summer Jazz). 

In addition to my schedule restraints, I have a serious motivation problem.  At no point am I at the farm with my horse, wishing I were at home watching Netflix, and yet it's disproportionately hard to get myself changed and out the door to go see my horse.  If I'm seeing my friends during the day with plans to ride  later in the evening, the odds are about 50/50 that I'll make it to the barn instead of going out for food with friends (where I'm sure to bore and confuse my city-dwelling friends by talking constantly about horses anyway).  There's also a semi-regular shuffle of which vehicle is the farm vehicle.  The idea of moving around the many boxes and bins and bags that are all somehow necessary to my equestrian pursuits is enough to delay my drive to get out of the house by at least half an hour.

Is it just me? I hate how I can't just get out and do the things I know I'll enjoy.  I hate it.  But it's hard to change. Lately by the time I made it out, the weather's been turning bad, and the visit gets cut short because the horse is miserable (and so am I, what month is this, November? It's ridiculous).

And just to twist the knife a little, this summer I finally got to see firsthand how Jazz improves under regular work.  I was taking two lessons a week, and riding (ideally) two to three times outside of that, and preparing for my (semi-disastrous) PC testing.  It was so great to see how Jazz was getting stronger and suppler, and I was improving and making a real difference.  And then I got a bad cold, complete with a cough so bad I couldn't be at the dusty barn for longer than fifteen minutes.  My summer with Jazz ended with me hardly even able to see her as I tried desperately to get better.  And now? I'm not even out until after 5PM on the days when my schedule is good. I'm driving twice as far as I'm used to almost every day, and I'm having a total pity party for myself over all of it.    It's enough to keep me from being excited about any of it right now.  Here's to keeping my head down till 2016, and counting my blessings in the meantime.


  1. Is there any way you could lease her out while you're so busy? That way she stays in work, stays strong, and is ready for you to get back in the saddle and go right to having fun when you're able to have more time for her.

    1. I've thought about leasing her, and I just don't think I could handle it. I'm so particular about how I like her to be managed it would be really hard for me unless it was someone I knew REALLY well, and it would be hard to find someone I was comfortable leaving her with.

    2. I don't think I could lease either, even if it would make my life easier!

    3. Just thiis year I was able to let someone else ride Jazz without me there for the first time, but that was my trainer. I did have someone else ride her just before PC testing to keep her fit while I was away, but she was a very good rider (much better than me). I would only want to lease her to someone more knowledgeable than me, and I just don't think Jazz is the kind of horse someone like that would be interested in right now.

  2. ugh being that busy really sucks, sorry it's interfering so much with your riding :( hopefully it can't last forever!

  3. I have upswings and downswings of motivation, and I think that's very normal. When I wasn't working towards anything with Jingle, I would have a really hard time forcing myself out to the barn - even though, when I got there, I would love it. Now that I have a focused goal in mind, it's way easier to get to the barn. Allow yourself a downswing, no shame in that, although I do hope you find some time to ride during school. It might be difficult schedule wise, but it will help your mental state!