Monday, January 19, 2015

TOABH: Sugar Momma

Ancient blogger proverb: "That content which is lost during a week of uninteresting rides is made up for easily with blog hops."

So during a particularly dull week (walk rides woo! showing someone groundwork with Jazz for five minutes woo!), I am happy to participate in the latest installment of The Owls Approve's latest blog hop.

Sugar Momma.
Let's continue pretending that horse poop magically transforms into money instead of the other way.  So money doesn't matter.  If you could buy anything for your horse, what would you buy? 

I started seeing this hop popping up and started thinking about what I would buy for my horse.  I know exactly what I would buy for me (coughtallbootscough), and there's lots of pretty luxury tack items floating around the blogosphere that I wouldn't mind owning (fancy expensive helmets, ovlivy pats, etc.), but I was stumped by this question at first.  Most of the posts I've read listed comfier or fancier saddles/bridles/bits and treats.  Not that I have anything against any of those, but none of those answers excited me.  

And then I got to thinking about what really makes Jazz happy, and I had a eureka moment when I glanced about 45 degrees to my left to see the snow outside the window.  Jazz HATES winter.  Not even just winter, bad weather in general really.  Summer Jazz is a horse that I ride a lot, try new things with, and have a lot of fun with.  Winter Jazz is still the ponykins I know and love, but she does not like to approach the same tasks.  The past two winters I haven't even been able to ride for extended periods of time based largely on attitude.  So, with unlimited money the answer is simple: No more winter for Jazz.

Now, this is not as simple of an undertaking as moving somewhere warm.  Jazz and I have a large support system of family and friends that I consider necessary to my horse life, so what really makes the most sense is buying a huge private island with trails, state of the art facilities, vets, etc. where I can take Jazz and all her best horse buddies and their people.  No more winter Jazz, nothing but sunny skies and galloping on the beach.  There has to be amazing facilities so I can watch high level jumping, hunters, vaulting, cutting, etc. at a convenient location, and lots of other horses for me to ride from time to time.  Cows, of course, to learn to herd, trainers to teach us how to get better at everything, e3quine and human masseurs to keep the muscles from getting tight, magical arena dirt that is neither sticky nor dusty nor stinky, the list could go on forever.  Do horse jacuzzis exist? If so, there would definitely be a jacuzzi area.  

If I was being just a smidgen more realistic, I would say I wanted to build a boarding stable.  But not just any boarding stable, I would want one with an appropriately huge arena (our current arena is maybe 20 x 60 or so), and trails, and all my horsey friends, and no more than a ten minute drive.  Of course that would require moving to somewhere that this kind of drive/open space is possible.  

Maybe I should just buy her another halter...


  1. um can i come live on your private island too??? sounds amazing! :)

    1. Absolutely! Blogger meetups every day! X-Country courses out the yin-yang!