Thursday, April 24, 2014

She's molting!

Remember when she was constantly sweating but refused to shed?  Looks like she's shedding now. 

It was a little hard to take a good photo of it

You can kind of see, but she's all patchy

She kind of looked like an overo with brown spots instead of white.

I was not kidding! She looks just hilarious.  These pictures are actually from the other day, but I was out again this evening and she's all patchy with her smooth summer coat showing on the majority of both her sides, parts of her neck, and most of her face (with the exception of her wispy winter beard and her blaze).  I was just a bit disappointed to see how dark her summer coat looks, though.  I love her to bits, but I was so hoping that she wouldn't get dark this summer like she did last year.  I see now that she is getting darker than ever.  On the bright side, her summer coat is looking nice and shiny and soft!

I will try to remember to take pictures of her next time I'm out of what her new coat looks like.  She was just much too dirty for that today.  I'm eager to be done shedding her out soon; she's been sweating like crazy in even fairly light work, and she rolled in the mud again today to cool off.  I guess it's a sign that spring has finally sprung.  Hopefully it's here to stay.  

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